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Uganda: The Price of Marriage

How weddings in Uganda are costing couples more than they bargained for.

In a quest to show off new-found wealth or social status, and in a race to out-do their neighbours, people are going to extremes to put on the most lavish wedding. Ugandan nuptials are now big business with big dresses, big venues and big bills.

Having reached marrying age British-Ugandan journalist Mugabi Turya travels to Uganda to find what it really costs to get married.

Join him as he meets two young couples who have followed two very different paths to marriage - the traditional marriage and modern white wedding and the financial and cultural challenges that come with each.

Discover how the desire for the perfect day has led to a boom in Uganda’s wedding industry - creating jobs for caterers, photographers, wedding planners and even wedding TV channels.

With many Ugandans falling into financial ruin, all for the sake of bragging rights over the best party, we hear from the Ugandan MP proposing to tackle the issue through new laws.

As part of the BBC World Service's Money & Power season, join Mugabi Turya as he discovers the true cost of love and the real price of marriage in Uganda.

(Photo: Joseph Owori and Cissy Nabwire Kwanjula Photo Credit: BBC)

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