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Matt Leacock and Pandemic Legacy

Matt Leacock, creator of the blockbuster board game Pandemic, tests his next project at the world's biggest board game convention.

Board games are big business. And one of the biggest titles on the tabletop gaming scene is Pandemic, created by Matt Leacock.

Presenter Kevin Core catches up with Matt at Indianapolis Gen Con, the world’s biggest board game convention, to gain exclusive access to the creation of the next game in the series – Pandemic Legacy Season Three.

Matt has chosen four gamers from the internet, and BBC World Service has an extra seat as they thrash their way through the latest prototype of the game, which calls on players to co-operate to battle a deadly global virus. Along the way, Matt reveals his formative work as an early developer of social media – and how he migrated to the offline world of board games. As he tests his latest offline blockbuster, he wonders if these games are booming because we are increasingly looking for human connections in an exhaustingly digital world.

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