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Gabo Arora - Recreating the Memory of Hiroshima through VR

Gabo Arora's The Day The World Changed is an immersive virtual reality film in memory of Hiroshima.

In his studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn, Gabo Arora is working to finalise a fully immersive virtual reality experience called The Day The World Changed. The experience premiers at the Tribeca Film Festival and is in memory of the victims of Hiroshima. Using photogrammetry scans of everyday objects found after the bomb and survivor testimonies attached to them, the experience creates a moving first -hand account. It is a new way of experiencing VR as The Day The World Changed is experienced by four people at a time. This use of co- presence helps to create a more powerful social experience. Instead of seeing each other in the traditional physical representation people will see each other as shadows. It is a VR experience like no other and there is a great sense of nervousness, excitement, stress and collaboration as we take a look at the creative process of putting something like this together.

Presenter and producer: Kate Bissell

(Photo: Gabo Arora)

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