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Costas Cacoyannis – Cyprus’s One-Man Orchestra

Following Cypriot composer and multi-instrumentalist Costas Cacoyannis as he prepares to jump from studio to stage for his first major concert in over 18 years

Costas Cacoyannis is one of Cyprus’s most prolific composers – turn on the TV or head to the cinema on this Mediterranean island and there’s a good chance you’ll hear his music. Add to that his compositions for ballet, theatre, Hollywood soundtracks, and the more than 25 albums he has released and you get a sense of the scale of his creativity. He lives and works from his studio high up in the Troodos Mountains in central Cyprus and it’s there that the BBC’s Karl Bos goes to meet Costas as he prepares for a major upcoming performance of his music in June.

His biggest live concert in over 18 years, it will be performed at the Maison de l'UNESCO in Paris. Follow Costas on a walk through a nearby forest as he derives inspiration from nature, then to a rehearsal in Limassol with his choir, as he guides them on how to express and perform his music as the concert quickly approaches.

Producer: Karl Bos

(Photo: Cypriot composer Costas Cacoyannis)

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