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How Green Are Electric Vehicles?

Sales of electric vehicles are increasingly rapidly worldwide. But are EVs as environmentally friendly as they claim? We put your questions to the experts.

Electric cars are labelled as ‘zero emissions’ vehicles – but what does that really mean? Jack Stewart puts your questions about EVs to the experts. According to a new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists, just how green your EV is compared to a petrol or diesel vehicle, depends on how the electricity powering the battery was produced, as well as how cleanly the battery itself was manufactured. Jack also explores what could be a compelling alternative to plugging in – filing up with Hydrogen, and creating nothing but water as exhaust.

Presenter: Jack Stewart
Producer: Rami Tzabar

(Image: Electric cars on charge. Credit: Getty Images)

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Mon 4 Jun 2018 14:32GMT


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