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The Influencer Business

What happens when social media influencers - people who have thousands of followers - ask businesses for gifts or services in exchange for promotion?

Earlier this year, a baker in Liverpool in north-west England vented her frustration on Twitter over constantly being asked by social media influencers for free cakes. Laura Worthington tweeted: “I wasn't kidding when I said this happens a lot.” Many other businesses publicly sided with Laura Worthington on social media… but were they being fair? We investigate the impact of influencers – people with large and/or powerful social media followings. What are the rules and ethics around advertising and promotion? And can we really trust the people behind big social media accounts? After all, their reputations rest in part on the idea of authenticity.

Presenters: Jonathan Griffin and Lee Kumutat
Producer: Lee Kumutat
Studio manager: Nigel Appleton

Photo Caption: Influencer Lisa Linh promotes a number of brands – including hotels and credit card companies
Photo Credit: Lisa Linh

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