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How to date a vegan

What to do if you hate the way your partner eats

How can you have a successful relationship with someone whose eating habits you find repulsive, infuriating, even morally abhorrent? What do you do when your wife and mother are locked in a fierce battle over what you eat, when your long term partner insists on eating sandwiches in bed, or when you’re in love with a vegan but like nothing better than a chicken teriyaki?

As part of Crossing Divides, a BBC season bringing people together in a fragmented world, Emily Thomas meets three couples who are strongly divided when it comes to their food preferences, and asks them to divulge how they handle it.

As economies develop and our eating habits become ever more individualised and with ever more choice, is food becoming the ultimate passion killer?
And are arguments about food ever really just about food, or do they signify a deeper incompatibility?

Plus, do couples that eat together stay together? And does it matter whether they are sharing the same dish?

(Image: A woman and a man disagree about meat Image credit: Getty Images)

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