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Rising methane levels impact climate change

By the year 2000, methane levels in the atmosphere were thought to have stabilised, but now they are again on the rise, exacerbating climate change. Why is this happening?

By the year 2000, methane levels in the atmosphere were thought to have stabilised. But just a few years later, in 2007, these levels suddenly started to rise. Research suggests that the spread of intense farming in Africa may be involved, in particular in tropical regions, where conditions are becoming warmer and wetter because of climate change.

The awe-inspiring Japanese Hayabusa 2 space mission achieved another milestone on the other side of the Sun. This remarkable craft touched down on the asteroid Ryugu, firing a bullet into the surface, and collecting samples of rock for eventual delivery to Earth.

The world famous Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC has been touring an evolution roadshow around the United States. They are trying to engage the religious communities to show that the human origins narrative is not a threat to religion.

What can singing mice from the depths of the Costa Rican cloud forests tell us about vocal interaction? Through these tiny mammals, with their operatic song, we are being taught about how we humans coordinate speech and how the brain accomplishes this. The goal is to design new therapeutic methods for those suffering from conditions which limit vocal interaction.

Presenter: Roland Pease
Producer: Jack Meegan

(Picture: Thai swamp buffalo in peat swamp around lagoon with sunset background. Credit: Getty Images)

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