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Goodbye Jet Engine?

A futuristic electric aircraft with no motors that powers itself through ion exchange

The 1960s concept of ‘Ionic Wind’ has been successfully put to the test in a new kind of electric airplane. The plane has no motors and uses the exchange of ions in the air to propel itself. Larger versions could carry goods and passengers and would produce far less pollution than conventional aircraft.

The death of the kilogram. The ancient lumps of metal that provided the standard measures. have been replaced with a mathematical formula that should not deteriorate over time.

Whale music, how Humpbacks learn new tunes.

How ancient teeth helped track the development of dairy farming. From the Vikings to the Mongols, the plaque on Bronze Age teeth reveals a milk based diet.

(Picture: The futuristic electric aircraft with no motors powered by ‘Ionic Wind’. Credit: Credit: Steven Barrett (MIT)

Presenter: Roland Pease
Producer: Julian Siddle

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Gravitational Waves

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