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Inspirations: Caring for Kids in Prison

In 2012 Faith Kalungia founded the Mother of Millions foundation, which provides support to children growing up in prisons in Zambia.

In her early life Outlook Inspirations nominee Faith dreamt of one day owning an orphanage. At just 14 years of age she convinced her parents to adopt street children and send them to school so they could have a better future. In 2012 Faith visited the Lusaka Central Prison in Zambia to hand in donations to the female inmates, but she was shocked to find kids roaming around the prison grounds. Faith then quit her job and created the Mother of Millions foundation, which gives education, nutrition and playtime to children growing up in prisons in Zambia.

Kumi Naidoo is one of South Africa's most prominent activists and was once called a 'human rights superhero'. In 2009 he became head of the environmental pressure group Greenpeace, and later this summer he is starting a new role as the Secretary General of Amnesty International. Kumi is one of the three judges who will be selecting the Outlook Inspirations Award's winners.

In 2012 two new names burst onto the international art scene. They were called the Connor Brothers and had an extraordinary back story. They claimed to be two American twins who ran away from a cult and ended up in New York making art… but were they really what they seemed?

(Image: Faith Kalungia.)

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