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Persuading a Serial Killer to Confess

Defence attorney Kathleen Zellner is known for getting innocent people out of prison. She’s currently working on a case made famous by the hit Netflix series Making a Murderer.

Kathleen Zellner is one of the most famous wrongful conviction lawyers in the US. At one point at the beginning of her career, though, she represented a serial killer. After Larry Eyler revealed the identities of many of the people he had killed to her, she decided she couldn’t knowingly defend a guilty person again. Kathleen is currently the attorney for convicted murderer Steven Avery whose case is at the centre of the hit Netflix series Making a Murderer.

Twenty-one years ago, Martin Brown from Johannesburg in South Africa had a devastating accident that left him paralysed from the shoulders down - able to move only his head, mouth and eyes. But he hasn't let it hold him back. Since then, Martin has become an entrepreneur - designing and manufacturing specialist wheelchairs. Outlook's Mpho Lakaje has been to meet him.

South Korean Buddhist Monk Daehae is not a typical monk. She is also an award-winning filmmaker with a passion for movies. Though she doesn’t have any formal film training, Monk Daehae has made 92 films, many of which explore themes of religion and human nature.

(Image: Kathleen Zellner. Credit: Netflix.)

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