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What’s going on at the US-Mexico border?

President Trump says the situation is a national emergency. Is he right?

The number of undocumented migrants captured at the US Mexico border has reached a decade-long high, with the government predicting that the number will continue to rise. President Trump says the situation at the border is a national emergency. So, is he right? Ritula Shah is joined by three expert guests to discuss what’s going on at America’s southern border. How many people are really crossing it. And - is the asylum system working, or broken, or just under strain?

(Photo: Mexican children at the US border. Credited: Herika Martinez/AFP/Getty Images)

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53 minutes


Jean Guerrero - Investigative journalist based in San Diego, California

Tracie L. Klinke - Immigration attorney in Atlanta, Georgia and member of AILA

Michael J Fisher - Head of United States Border Patrol from 2010 to 2015

Also featuring

Fernanda Echavarri - Reporter for Mother Jones magazine

Dr. Katherine Ratzan Peeler - Physicians for Human Rights' Asylum Network

Rep. Mike Lang - Republican member of the Homeland Security Committee in the Texas state legislature


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