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Is capitalism killing our planet, or is it our only hope?

With no let up in the dire news about the environment, is capitalism to blame? If so, can it be reformed?

This week was another bad one for the environment, with a major scientific review predicting a mass extinction of insects within a century if current trends continue. Meanwhile, the news on climate change gets more alarming by the day. But when we talk about causes and solutions, do we often miss the big picture? Is the capitalist system underpinning the globalised economy the main culprit in both crises? If so, can those catastrophes only be avoided if capitalism is tamed, or radically reformed? Is the so-called Green New Deal the answer? Or is capitalism the only system that can produce the innovation we now desperately need?

This week on The Real Story with Ritula Shah we ask: Is capitalism killing our planet, or is it our only hope?

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Ann Pettifor - Director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME), and co-author of the New Economics Foundation's 2008 report A Green New Deal

Ashley Dawson - CUNY professor, climate justice activist, and author of Extinction: A Radical History

Charles Hernick - Director of Policy and Advocacy at Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum, and a founding member of the Clean Capitalist Coalition.

Also featuring

Erica McAlister - entomologist and senior curator at the Natural History Museum in London.

Erik Fairbairn - founder of electric car charging company, Pod Point.


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