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Planning to Fail

Why we find it so hard to think long-term, and the fixes that can help us get better.

Why are most of us so bad at planning for the future? Whether saving for our retirement, managing workloads and deadlines, or budgeting for a major infrastructure project, we humans often fail miserably.

Is it because we're incompetent, even irresponsible? Or is there something psychological getting in the way?

We explore some of the most common planning pitfalls, from Olympic Games that go way over budget to short-term corporate incentives, and ask how individuals and businesses can avoid them.

Contributors: Peter Ayton, professor of psychology at City, University of London; Bent Flyvbjerg, Chair of Major Programme Management at the University of Oxford; and Sarah Williamson, CEO of FCLT Global.

(Picture: A woman looking out over the Grand Canyon. Credit: Getty Images)

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