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Hungary’s 'Slave' Law

The row over Hungary’s new overtime law.

Hungarian politicians have been the focus of protest since they passed what many have called a “slave law” last December. This legislation allows companies to ask their workers to do more overtime – and to delay payment for up to three years. But the government says the law gives businesses flexibility and employees the freedom to work more and earn more.

Many think that this legislation is intended to deal with Hungary’s chronic labour shortage. With an ageing population, hard-line immigration policies and many educated young people looking for work overseas, businesses in Hungary struggle to recruit the people they need.

Lucy Ash travels to Hungary to hear about the new law and its implications – and find out how businesses are coping with a dwindling workforce.

Presenter: Lucy Ash
Producer: Josephine Casserly

(Photo: Protesters hold up banners reading 'Stop Orban'. Credit: Laszlo Balogh/Getty Images)

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