Moscow 2

This, the second part of Global Beats' exploration of Moscow's underground music scene, focuses on the impact of Russia’s relationship with the rest of the world on its music. At a time of heightened tension between Russia and the West, what do Russian musicians make of Russia's isolation? How do international tensions affect their work?

Featured musicians include self-styled horror hiphop duo IC3PEAK, who caused a stir in Russia with a video celebrating LGBTQ love.

In contrast to their dark, brooding sound, Lala Salimova's music is sunny and danceable: she thinks this is thanks to her Azerbaijani roots.

Anton Maskeliade invites presenter James Coomarasamy into the music school he has set up to pass on his skills in electronic production, and takes him to a performance of a piece composed by one of his students, Jenny Nedosekina, for a classical ensemble. She releases her electronic music under the name Jekka.

Contemporary classical composer Alexander Manotskov explains that in Russia there is no boundary between classical and other genres, and, as if to prove the point, another featured artist on the programme, pop artist Kate NV, cites her greatest influence as English classical composer Cornelius Cardew.

(Photo: Russian horror hiphop duo IC3PEAK. Credit: IC3PEAK)

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