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Farming of the Future

Farming of the future; Also Dairy Robotics, Hands Free Hectare and Robotic Fruit Picking

The Future of farming
As the human population continues to grow can ag-tech developments create a more sustainable and efficient way of farming that will increase yields to cope with demand for food? Click looks at what farms of the future could look like; from fitbits for cows and robotic milking and growing crops without a human setting foot in a field. Are we looking at a digital agricultural revolution with highly technically skilled farm labourers needed to manage some of these automated systems?

(Picture: iot smart industry robot 4.0 agriculture concept,industrial agronomist,farmer using autonomous tractor with self driving technology , augmented mixed virtual reality to collect, access, analyze soil. Credit: Getty Images)

Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz/ Jack Meegan

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