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Using AI to predict heart attacks

Using AI to predict heart attacks. Also, can tech help the homeless, why start-ups are setting up in Mumbai, and saving podcasts from digital oblivion.

Can beeps from hospital machines save lives?
In hospitals across the world, machines attached to patients bleep away, flash across a screen and then disappear. But since 2013 Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children has been collecting this data from patients in intensive care. It now has more than two trillion data points in its virtual vault from forty two intensive care beds. It's just appointed Dr. Anna Goldenberg as its first chair in biomedical informatics and artificial intelligence to try and create early warning system for cardiac arrests and other life threatening events from this data.

Can tech help the homeless?
Can technology help charities helping the homeless in Brighton? That’s the question that the city’s Tech for Good group are asking by bringing local digital businesses and charities together to see how they can support homeless people with tech.

Why start-ups are setting up in Mumbai
According to a newly published KPMG report, Mumbai, India's financial capital, is now also a hot spot for start-ups. 14% of the 50,000 start-ups in the country are based there now. Quartz reporter and tech journalist Ananya Bhattacharya, explains why the city is attracting the companies because of money, a highly IT literate workforce and a large, and relatively wealthy, consumer base.

Saving podcasts from digital oblivion
In recent years we have seen a huge growth in the popularity of podcasts. However in light of digital decay, even twenty years from now, will the podcasts we listen to be lost? The Metropolitan New York Library council is aiming to help independent podcast producers protect their work against the threats of digital decay. Lauren Hutchinson reports.

(Photo: Intensive care unit. Credit: Getty images)

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