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Keeping Internet Traffic Within Africa

How we have changed our attitudes to tech; From tech worship to tech fear; International Repair Day; Teaching children DIY electronics

The Internet Society has partnered with Facebook to expand internet connectivity in Africa using internet exchange points (IXP). IXPs could allow data to stay within the continent instead of being sent outside and then back again.

Our attitudes towards technology appear to have changed completely – from tech worship to tech fear. Will we be able to find a healthy balance? Jess Tyrell, author of a new discussion paper about our approach to tech and Julian Blake, editor at DigitalAgenda, who organised a Power & Responsibility Summit in London, discuss what can be done.

Do you repair your old tech or do you buy new as soon as there is a better model? Reporter Hannah Fisher has been to the Festival of Maintenance, ahead of International Repair Day, to find out if she would be able to fix her old gadgets.

Helen Leigh is teaching children how to sew circuits. Her new book, The Crafty Kid’s Guide to DIY Electronics, is all about learning to make your own technology and the first steps in being able to fix electronic kit.

(Image caption: Blue glass globe showing Africa and Europe map on a computer keyboard – credit: Getty Images)

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