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The Toronto Declaration

The Toronto Declaration and non-discrimination in machine learning systems; Vertical farming; Tech ‘Nobel’ Award

The Toronto Declaration aims to protect the rights to equality and non-discrimination in machine learning systems. In a world of machine learning systems, who will bear accountability for harming human rights? Click talks to Anna Bacciarelli from Amnesty International and Estelle Masse from the policy team of Access Now.

Plenty, a Silicon Valley company plans to revolutionize farming by bringing it indoors and dramatically reducing water use. It has ambitious plans to replicate its warehouse farms in Japan, China and across Europe. Click’s Alison van Diggelen explores: the veracity of its technology; its environmental claims; its use of AI and automation; and how it plans to disrupt the agricultural industry.

The biennial Millennium Technology Prize, dubbed the Tech 'Nobel' has been awarded to the Finnish physicist, Tuomo Suntola for his ground breaking work for small smart devices. Suntola's prize-winning ALD (atomic layer deposition) innovation is a nanoscale technology in use all over the world. His technology is used to manufacture ultra-thin material layers for a variety of devices such as computers, smartphones, microprocessors and digital memory devices, enabling high performance in small size. Click talks to Tuomo Suntola.

Producer: Colin Grant

(Photo caption: Tee-shirt saying 'My Skin Color is Not a Crime' Washington, DC, April 21, 2015. Photo credit: Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images)

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