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When Virtual Reality Competes With Reality

The brave new world of immersive experience is explored in the first of two special editions of Click from the Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival is the leading AR and VR festival in the world. With VR pieces it can be difficult to tell a coherent story. These immersive films work best when they succeed in telling a narrative tale, as opposed to creating works that operate in a more game-like fashion. In the first of a special two-part series, co-produced by Lauren Hutchinson, Click’s Gareth Mitchell volunteers to have his body scanned through volumetric capture in order that his avatar might subsequently take part in a virtual environment. He also talks to the leading exponents of VR and AR film-making whose work ranges from simulation of airport interrogations through to tender reflections on death and bereavement.

(Photo caption: A user experiencing virtual reality at the Tribeca Film Festival – credit: Toby Coffey)

Producer: Colin Grant

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