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The New Economy: Sharing not Caring

Is the sharing economy actually making life worse for many individuals in our big cities?

Is the sharing economy actually about sharing at all? Ed Butler hears from anthropologist Adam Fish who says that democracy itself is suffering because of the privatisation of public spaces in our cities. And regular Business Daily commentator Jeremy Wagstaff in Singapore says that the sharing economy has turned out to be neither about sharing nor economics. He says businesses like bike and car-sharing companies are not benefitting the public as much as they benefit the companies themselves. Also in the programme, Enrique Dans, Professor of Innovation at Madrid's IE Business School, tells Ed he thinks that perhaps the most challenging example of how the sharing economy is undermining the common good could be with Airbnb. And we hear from Hong Kong where competition for shared spaces is very high, leading to new business opportunities for car park operators, amongst others.
(Picture: Bicycles of various bike-sharing services are seen piled up at an open area near a river embankment at Wuchang District on July 9, 2018 in Wuhan, China. Credit: Getty Images)

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