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Iran Nuclear Deal Hangs In Balance

What would scrapping the agreement mean for Iran, and for US and European businesses?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made fresh allegations against Iran, adding to mounting pressure on the 2015 nuclear deal. What might be the impact on Iran, and for US and European businesses, if the agreement is ultimately scrapped?

We hear from Iran itself and what the threat of fresh sanctions has done to the country's currency, the money in ordinary people's pockets, and their hopes for the future.

But is the average Iranian actually better off since the lifting of sanctions three years ago? Ellie Geranmayeh, from the European Council on Foreign Relations, tells us the promised economic progress hasn't really materialised. One reason is that huge pressure is still being put on firms not to do business with Iran. Californian entrepreneur Honor Gunday, CEO and founder of online money transfer platform Paymentwall, says his firm received a surge of interest from the Islamic Republic after sanctions were lifted, but that he was warned off by US lobby organisations. We speak to one of those, United Against a Nuclear Iran, and its president David Ibsen.

Plus, what next for the nuclear deal? UK sanctions lawyer Nigel Kushner and Ellie Geranmayeh tell us we could be in for many months of renegotiations and a possible trans-Atlantic split on the issue.

(Picture: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reveals what he says are Iran's "secret nuclear files". Credit: Jack Guez, Getty Images)

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