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Brexit: Oil, fish and bargaining chips

How is the Scottish city of Aberdeen, which is dominated by the UK's oil and fishing industries, coping with the country's imminent exit from the EU?

How is the Scottish city of Aberdeen coping with the UK's imminent exit from the EU? It is home to the country's oil and gas industry, as well as some 5,000 fisherman.

Katie Prescott speaks to local businesspeople in both industries, who are increasingly anxious at the complete lack of certainty about what will happen when the UK does eventually leave - albeit that the date of departure has now been postponed by a few more weeks beyond 29 March.

How will European fishing quotas and access to British waters be decided post Brexit? And what will happen to Aberdeen's oil production, particularly as the flow of fossil fuels from under the North Sea begins to run dry? Aberdeen is the most vulnerable city in the UK to Brexit, according to Andrew Carter of research group, the Centre for Cities.

Producer: Sarah Treanor

(Picture: Fish at the Aberdeen fish market; Credit: BBC)

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