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Moving Pictures: Ann West's Patchwork

Discover life in Regency England through the extraordinary detail of Ann West's Coverlet, using your phone, tablet or computer.

Cathy FitzGerald invites you to discover new details in old masterpieces, using your phone, tablet or computer.
In episode one, stroll along the highstreet of a market town in Regency England – as imagined in a one-of-a-kind patchwork bedcover, held in the collection of the V&A Museum. This needlework masterpiece features tiny applique scenes of everyday life: children flying kites, chimney sweeps heading home from work, a fishwife off to market. Cathy FitzGerald asks if one of the little characters might be the maker herself.

(Photo: Coverlet by Ann West, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Acquired with the support of the Friends of the V&A)

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Moving Images from BBC World Service

Cathy FitzGerald invites us to discover new details in three old masterpieces, using our phone, tablet or computer.
Moving Pictures is a series offering listeners the chance to take a long, slow look at great artworks, photographed in incredible detail. The images draw on technology developed for the Google Arts & Culture website which features content from over 1,000 leading museums and archives which have partnered with Google to bring the world's treasures online.


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Zoom in on Ann West's Patchwork

Zoom in on Ann West's Patchwork

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