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Eric van Hove – Sculpture that Goes 'Vroom'

Following the Belgian conceptual artist Eric van Hove as he and his team create a working motorbike using traditional Moroccan craft techniques

Eric van Hove makes sculpture that goes “vroom”. For the past few years, this conceptual artist has been working in Morocco on a project called the Mahjouba Initiative, which involves building a series of motorbikes using only traditional craft materials. Eric calls this work “a socio-economic sculpture”, the idea being that the pieces can be exhibited as artworks but also used as the prototype for a new vehicle.
Anna McNamee meets Eric and his team as he works on the latest model – the Mahjouba III – which will be put on show at the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech.

Producers: Anna McNamee and Emma Kingsley.

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