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The future of Spain and the prospect of Catalonia breaking away is debated by a panel of politicians and thinkers.

BBC World Questions comes to Madrid to discuss the future of Spain at a moment of high crisis. As the new parliament of the province of Catalonia takes its seats, Jonathan Dimbleby and a panel of politicians and thinkers debate the prospect of Catalonia breaking away from Spain. They also address the role of the monarchy and how the country addresses its past history of violence with a public audience in the centre of the capital.

The Panel:
Francisco Martínez, Deputy and Spokesperson for the Governing Partido Popular on constitutional matters
Alfred Bosch, leader of the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) in the Barcelona City Hall,
Begoña Villacís, one of the leaders of Cuidadanos, Madrid Councillor and former candidate for Mayor
Ana Romero, writer, journalist and authority on the Spanish Royal Family

(Photo: Spain flag on broken brick wall and half Catalan flag, Credit: Getty images)

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