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The History of ‘Fake News’ (Part 2)

In the week that President Trump announced his “fake news” awards, we ask deeper questions about the world of online misinformation.

President Donald Trump recently handed out his “fake news” awards - they went to mainstream organisations who messed up and pundits whose predictions were off, with a special prize for people reporting on very real investigations into the president’s ties to Russia.
It’s all a distraction, but has the term “fake news” outlived its usefulness?
In this week’s BBC Trending we find out what can be done about social media misinformation - and what impact it has around the world.
Mike Wendling is joined by a panel of experts from Buzzfeed, the Poynter Institute, and First Draft News - people who’ve been studying the phenomenon of viral falsehoods since well before most journalists and politicians were obsessed by it.

Producer: Will Yates
Studio manager: Neil Churchill
Photo credit: Getty Images

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