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Big Tech Wants Your Food Shop

What will this mean for food producers, and the quality and sustainability of your food?

Technology giants are gobbling up the online grocery market - and over the past year we’ve seen Amazon and Alibaba getting their teeth into bricks and mortar too.

But do they want to transform the supermarket experience, or is this about harvesting even more consumer data?

And what will all of this mean for farmers, your pocket, and the quality and sustainability of your food?

Emily Thomas discusses with Brittain Ladd, a strategy, supply chain and logistics expert who formerly worked for Amazon leading worldwide expansion for Amazon Fresh, Pantry and Groceries; Scott Marlow, senior policy specialist for Rural Advancement Foundation International, a non-profit organization based in North Carolina supporting family farms; and Amanda Long, Director General of Consumers International, which works to empower and champion the rights of consumers.

Plus, we visit Farmdrop, a London-based startup which aims to give customers a more ethical online shopping experience.

(Photo: a picture of the hand of a young man holding an ice lolly against a pink background. Credit: Getty Images)

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