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Crypto-currencies Facing Clampdown

Facebook blocks crypto-currency adverts and US regulator halts an Initial Coin Offering. Are alternative currencies about to get a reality check?

As the US financial regulator the SEC blocks an Initial Coin Offering over alleged fraudulent activity, and Facebook says it will stop adverts for crypto-currencies, does this week mark a reality check for Bitcoin and other alternative currencies? Becky Pinkard from security firm Digital Shadows tells us how cybercrooks are jumping on the crypto-currency bandwagon. Plus, Matthew Prince, the boss of internet hosting platform Cloudflare, tells us why he thinks governments have a right to control what internet users see in their own countries. And our special guest Rosie Spinks from Quartz talks to us about revelations that the fitness app Strava can reveal information about the location of sensitive military sites and their occupants.

Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones, with BBC Online tech correspondent Mark Ward. (Image: A woman uses an ATM for Bitcoin in Hong Kong, Credit: ANTHONY WALLACE/ AFP/ Getty Images).

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