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Imogen Heap’s Mycelia

Mycelia: Imogen Heap; News about Opera News; Afrotech Fest; MeshMinds 1.0

Founded by Imogen Heap, Mycelia are a growing collective of creatives, professionals and music lovers. Their mission is to bring about a fair and sustainable music industry ecosystem involving all online music interaction services, and to unlock the huge potential for creators and their music-related metadata. Click talks to Imogen Heap.

Opera has announced the launch of their AI (artificial intelligence) powered news app, Opera News, targeted at African internet users. Click talks to Opera’s Jorgen Arnesen about the benefits and deficits of targeted news streams.

Afrotech Fest is a two-day tech and digital festival in the UK by and for black people of African and Caribbean heritage. It explores the intersection of technology, the arts, history, news, activism and representation. In particular Afrotech Fest aims to provide a platform for people across a variety of backgrounds to imagine a future free of the present biases whether conscious or unconscious. Click talks to Ade Adewunmi and Ian Forrester about Afrotech.

MeshMinds is Singapore’s first creative innovation lab focused on Art x Technology for Good. Click talks to Kay Vasey from MeshMinds 1.0 about its aim to create cross-disciplinary collaborative environments that will enable rapid ideation and prototyping.

(Photo caption: Imogen Heap – credit: Fiona Garden)

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