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Digital Natives or Digital Exiles?

As part of the Dragon Hall Debates and the University of East Anglia, at the Writers’ Centre Norwich, Click asks the question: are we digital natives or digital exiles?

In a repeat of a programme first broadcast a year ago, Click discusses with a panel of experts in front of an audience at Dragon Hall at the UK’s Writers’ Centre Norwich, whether the internet could be an inclusive tool for participatory democracy, or whether human nature and polarised opinion inevitably turns it into rudeness and/or toxic fury - something that one of the contributors Professor Mary Beard has experienced. But why would academics be active on Twitter or Facebook? The panel also includes Paul Bernal an expert in cyber law who reflects on the broader privacy and security dimensions of the internet. In the age of fake news how can we verify and assert the primacy of the truth; where does this leave traditional content providers like BBC, newspapers, and journals.

(Photo caption: Gareth Mitchell, Professor Mary Beard, Paul Bernal and Bill Thompson © WCN/BBC)

Producer: Colin Grant

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