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Jaron Lanier – Creator of the Term Virtual Reality

Jaron Lanier’s journey through virtual reality; Birdsong tech in New Zealand; pureLiFi

Dawn of the New Everything by Jaron Lanier is a history and exploration of virtual reality, the term that he coined for the pioneering technology that he was instrumental in creating. The book is a hybrid of memoir and philosophy and gives a compelling account of the origins and development of the digital revolution. Lanier joins Click to discuss his journey through virtual reality.

A network of wildlife sanctuaries in New Zealand has led to the reintroduction of nearly twenty native bird species, and now machine learning software could be an important tool in monitoring the survival. Click’s Simon Morton reports from Victoria University of Wellington.

pureLiFi pioneers LiFi technology that aims to revolutionise the future of wireless networks. Roland Pease reports on their latest product and its capability to open up thousands more additional channels for wireless communications than traditional Wi-Fi routers.

(Photo credit: Author, musician and artist Jaron Lanier © Doug Menuez/Stockland Martel)

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