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Making it Work: Rugged Tablets for African Schools

2/4 The start-ups creating innovative products from tablets for schools in Kenya to eye care in India.

2/4 A Kenyan company is planning to bring reliable stable internet and rugged tablets to remote schools with the help of BRCK, a solution to internet problems in the shape of a brick. Part two of four.

In the northern Indian state of Assam, people have the lowest access to good quality eye care in the whole of India – 18% of all cataracts happen in this one state. ERC Eyecare has a business solution aimed at changing all that.

We also return to visit the stethoscope creators from last week’s episode. Things have moved on for the company Taal and it is now trying to drum up business – how are sales going?

(Photo: Boy looks up from a Kio Kit tablet used in a school in Kenya)

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