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Why do some women choose to carry a baby for 9 months, give birth to it, then hand it to a stranger to bring up as their own? How does it feel to give up the child?

Why would any woman choose to carry a baby for a total stranger? Modern medicine has enabled the childless to have a baby that’s blood-related, by using another woman to carry the pregnancy to term. But what does it feel like to hand over a child that’s been growing in your womb? And should money be involved? Some people condemn surrogacy as a dangerous industry that exploits the vulnerable. Others see it as a welcome solution to the heartache of infertility.

Mary-Ann Ochota explores the emotional and ethical complexities of surrogacy and meets women from around the world who’ve chosen to give birth to babies for others.

(Photo: Nadine, Credit: Nadine Burger)

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