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The ‘Husband-Proof’ Shopping List

Meet the couple behind the viral ‘husband-proof’ shopping list, and hear one woman’s harrowing tale about being the target of pro-Russian trolls.

We hear from the Indian couple behind the viral ‘husband-proof’ shopping list, finding out how the list came about and their response to its success on social media.

And, a personal tale of online harassment and intimidation. We talk to a Finnish journalist who spent years as the target of pro-Russian trolls, and we also talk to the grandson of the World War 2 veteran who found overnight internet fame after an image of him kneeling in support of American football players protesting the US national anthem went viral.

Presenter: Jonathan Griffin
Producer: Will Yates

Image: the 'husband-proof' shopping list / Credit: Era Golwalkar

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Sun 1 Oct 2017 09:32GMT


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