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The Serial Killer I Couldn't Catch

True life stories

Ten years ago, the trial of Canada's most prolific serial killer opened in Vancouver. The case dated back to the 1990's when Detective Constable Lorimer Shenher was charged with investigating the disappearances of sex workers in the area. After several tip offs Lorimer became convinced that pig farmer Robert Pickton was the man responsible. But despite all his efforts he couldn't properly investigate Pickton, something that's haunted him for years.

Alexander Blanco has spent the last two decades trying to protect harpy eagles in Venezuela. They make their nest high up in the trees and occasionally attack adventurous humans, like Alexander, who've climbed up into the canopy to check on their nests.

Gardiner Comfort has Tourette's syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes a variety of tics both physical and verbal. But despite in spite of this he has taken on a job that requires him to talk a lot. He is an actor in New York.

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