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Are You in Danger of Becoming Addicted to Television?

Click explores the future of TV where content providers and marketing companies will heighten user experience so that we are hooked and keep coming back for more

In a special edition, Click looks at the future of TV – specifically how content providers and marketing companies need to get the experience right, so that we keep coming back. So who is getting it right? The Facebooks and the Amazons or are the challengers already stealing our attention? And what about the role of empathy? The professionals are tuning into us and our moods as much as we are into their content. Click is joined by a panel of experts, Ida Olsen, Oisin Lunny and Fabian Birgfeld, to cast their critical gaze over interactive broadcasting.

(Photo caption: Family watching 3D television © Getty Images)

Producer: Colin Grant

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27 minutes