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Biometric Password Security

Should we embrace biometric technology for password security?; A new automated fact checking immune system to spot fake news; A battery-free phone; The problem of GPS Spoofing

How safe is the way we use passwords and should we embrace biometric technology? Would you use your unique physical characteristics, like fingerprints, to keep your data safe?

Fake News Update
After last week’s discussion about technology and fake news, this week we’re looking at Full Fact’s automated fact checking “immune system” to help journalists to spot fake news.

Battery Free Phone
Imagine that you have gone out for the evening and your phone runs out of battery, and you’ve forgotten your charger! We’ve all been there, but don’t worry, as the battery-free phone is on its way.

GPS Spoofing
GPS, so integral to modern life, is vulnerable to hacking and something called “spoofing”, which could be seriously dangerous. The shipping industry finds this vulnerability so serious that they are developing back-up systems based on old World War II radio technology.

(Image caption: Reading fingerprint with valid access code © Getty Images)

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