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Hong Kong: Life sentences for breaking China-imposed law

It was brought in following increasing unrest and a widening pro-democracy movement.

China has passed a controversial security law giving it new security powers over Hong Kong. The law makes secession, subversion of the central government, terrorism or collusion with foreign forces punishable by up to life in prison. We hear from businesses, journalists as well as an adviser to the Chinese government and several of the country's big companies.

Also in the programme - today marks the start of a worldwide boycott of Facebook by some of the world's leading advertisers. Ford, Adidas and Unilever are among those calling on the social networking giant to cut hate speech from its platforms. But given Facebook's huge global dominance, will this make any difference?

And, Milan's La Scala is preparing to open its doors for the first time since March with a series of one-hour concerts without intervals and with significantly reduced audience numbers. But can iconic opera houses and classical music venues survive the collapse of income?

Presenter Jamie Robertson is joined by guests Melissa Chan in the US and Nate Taplin in Hong Kong

PHOTO: Police detain in a man in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong on June 12/AFP

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