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Google Hit With Record €4.3bn Android Fine

The EU has fined Google €4.3bn over its Android mobile phone operating system.

The EU has fined Google €4.3bn over its Android mobile phone operating system. Massimiliano Trovato of the Istituto Bruno Leoni free market think tank in Milan explains why he's concerned about the ruling's implications. Gabriel Weinberg CEO and Founder of Duck Duck Go, a search engine gives us his reaction. Also, how is online streaming transforming the music industry? The BBC's Edwin Lane brings us a report. Britain's luxury carmaker, Aston Martin, has unveiled plans for a personal aircraft which it calls a "sports car for the skies". A flying car which the US aviation authority says you don't require a pilots' license. And we discuss the TV adaptation of Batwoman becoming the first live-action superhero series with an openly gay lead character. Vishala Sri-Pathma is joined by Dante Disparte CEO of Risk Cooperative who's in Washington DC and Andrew Peaple of the Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong.

(Picture: A collection of smartphones Picture credit: BBC)

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