Texas Flooding Expected to Worsen

Flooding in Texas - already described as catastrophic - is expected to get worse over the next few days as the waters continue to rise.

Flooding in Texas - already described as catastrophic - is expected to get worse as the waters continue to rise. We examine the situation with Dr Stephen Strader, a geographer and environmental scientist at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Elsewhere, Alison van Diggelen has been to San Jose to explore a city that isn't content to wait for federal infrastructure investment. Amazon kicked off its first day as the owner of Whole Foods by slashing prices. The company also aims to make Amazon Prime the customer loyalty scheme at the supermarket. So could the deal spur big changes in how people shop for groceries? And can you imagine travelling 700 miles per hour inside a pod propelled through a vacuum tube? The BBC's Regan Morris has been checking out capsule tests at SpaceX in Southern California. Fergus Nicoll is joined on the programme by Duncan Clark, Chairman of BDA China from Beijing and Alison van Diggelen, host of freshdialogues.com, from San Francisco.

(Picture: People catch a ride on a construction vehicle down a flooded street in Houston, Texas. Credit: Getty Images)

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