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Captain Ron Rogers

The Suffolk Regiment

Captain Rogers began training on beach landings two years before D-Day. Although expected to take part in the Sicily invasion, the Suffolks weren’t called upon until D-Day by which time Captain Rogers felt his company to be well prepared.

The Suffolks’ role on D-Day was to push through the coastal defences, clear the village of Colleville-sur-Orne and capture two German strongpoints – one a battery codenamed 'Morris', one a key command centre codenamed 'Hillman'. After making his way across the chaos on Sword beach early in the day, Captain Rogers was held in reserve until D+1.

Visiting Hillman soon after it was taken Rogers saw the German commandant and a column of prisoners leaving the bunker with their suitcases. To Ron it looked for all the world as though they were going on holiday – when in fact they were on their way to a prisoner of war camp.