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Hattie Tavernier

Intelligent, independent, well-balanced, music-loving Hattie fell for commitment-phobe Steve... and heartbreak followed.

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First appearance:
5th July 1990
Last appearance:
24th February 1994
Ian Beale's PA

Hattie Tavernier had her pick of the men of Walford. Independent, well-balanced, music-loving Hattie looked up to her big brother Clyde and twin brother Lloyd for support.

You do love me, don't you Steve?
Hattie Tavernier

When Hattie fell in love with chef Steve Elliot, she felt their relationship had a future - until her parents decided to leave the Square. She stayed with grandfather Jules and brother Clyde to make a go of things with her man.

Steve had other ideas and didn't want to be tied down, so he took a job as a chef on an ocean liner and did a runner. Hattie tracked him down and headed to Southampton in search of the love rat. They ended up in bed and she thought she'd managed to change his mind, but really it was bon voyage Hattie.

Devastated, Hattie returned to Walford alone. She left the Square bound for the bright lights of Norwich.

Played by Michelle Gayle