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Yasmin Evans

A little bit about Yasmin

Where were you born?

I can't sing, but get me on stage with Rihanna!
Yasmin Evans

In the sunny north, Manchester - in a place called Withington.

Your favourite hobby and / or present as a kid?

I used to play minigolf in my local park - is that a hobby?

My favourite present was a microscope I got for Christmas, I could see bugs and everything!

How you got into being a DJ / Presenter?

I volunteered on a radio show when I was 15, but before that my Grandad bought me a karaoke machine, and my friends would come round and host shows and sing for me!

Your biggest influence(s)?

The biggest influence in my life is my Mother, but Trevor Nelson has influenced my radio career massively. He's amazing!

Biggest achievements?

Obviously being asked to join 1Xtra to present my own show, and graduating from university with a 2:1.

Key tune that you love or inspired you?

A tune that I love, from an inspiring album, is Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill.

What is your favourite lyric?

Every lyric to Bob Marley - Waiting in Vain.

What is your dream gig or collaboration?

I can't sing, but get me on stage with Rihanna!

Interests / Hobbies outside music?

That's a tough question! I do love painting though.

Three rules you live your life by:

1. Be positive

2. Laugh

3. Use good manners

What would you do if you were a man for a day?

I'd freak out at first! Then maybe see how good I am at chatting up ladies.

What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought that's not a house?

A laptop - but that's not interesting, so the second most expensive is shoes. They were extra glittery and so high - I've worn them twice in the space of two years!