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Dr Chris van Tulleken

Chris is an infectious diseases doctor and MRC Clinical Research Fellow at University College London Hospital. Here he combines research into the molecular biology of HIV with seeing patients.

He's a go-to guy for extreme medicine, wilderness medicine, tropical medicine... from war-zones to natural disasters.

Along with his twin brother and fellow doctor Xand he presents Operation Ouch for CBBC, a series which helps children learn about the human body and how it repairs itself. The brothers have also teamed up for Horizon : Fat V Sugar, and Horizon: Is Binge Drinking Really that Bad for You?

In Trust Me I'm a Doctor Chris has investigated whether so-called ‘superfoods’ can lower blood pressure, discovered why eating reheated pasta is good for you and whether herbal and other dietary supplements really contain what they say they do. He’s also taken a bath in the centre of Bath to find out more about wash products and has had his legs waxed in the name of science.