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Mark Fowler

Mark Fowler was Walford's original Wild One - a delinquent teenager with a rebellious streak running around with gangs and breaking his mother's heart.

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First appearance:
19th February 1985
Last appearance:
14th February 2003 (Died 12th April 2004)
Fruit and veg stall holder

Mark Fowler was Walford's original Wild One - a rebellious teen running around with gangs and breaking his mother's heart. But by the time he roared back into Albert Square on his motorbike to take up full-time residency, Mark was a changed man.

Mum, I've got something to tell you.
Mark Fowler

Mark was heroic when facing the Square's prejudice over his HIV status. Led by a less-than-understanding Peggy Mitchell, the residents of Walford made his life a misery, boycotting his fruit and veg stall, graffittiing his home and treating him as a second-class citizen.

Unfortunately, Mark's love life gave him little solace. His first wife Gill died of an AIDS related illness. His relationship with second wife Ruth disintegrated due to his inability to have children. Ruth started an affair with Mark's cousin, Conor Flaherty, and fell pregnant. Ruth left for Scotland. Mark's relationship with Phil Mitchell's ex Lisa, and attempts to play father to their daughter, Louise, weathered Lisa's attempt at playing assassin (she had Phil shot). However, shortly after she married Mark, she ran back to the burly arms of Mr. Mitchell. Shoot him, sleep with him… well… how can a girl decide?

Fiercely independent, Mark found it difficult to accept the restrictions of the illness which finally claimed his life. When he realised that death was imminent, he refused to allow his family and friends see him deteriorate and rode out of the Square for the final time, leaving the entire community (even Peggy Mitchell) to grieve in his wake.

Played by Todd Carty