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Joey Branning

Charming, good looking, a compulsive liar, Joey Branning thinks truth is what stops you from getting what you want. And he likes to get his way...

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First appearance:
22 June 2012
Last appearance:
26th December 2013
R&R barman

What would you like Joey to be? Because if he was describing himself to you, that's what he'd try to figure out. He's whatever you want him to be...

What you see is what you get...
Joey Branning

So don't fall for his charm. You already have? Well you and the rest of us.

But be careful - this boy can be dangerous. He is the son of infamous East End crim, Derek Branning, after all.

Joey despised his dad and did anything he could to protect his sister Alice from the man he believes destroyed their mother's life. Alice thought that Derek was a changed man while Joey reckoned that a leopard never changes its spots. But Derek always tried to win Joey round, and when he rescued him and Lauren from a burning building, it seemed that the ice was thawing in their relationship... until Derek issued Joey with an ultimatum; live with me as my son or break the heart of the only girl you've ever loved (and your cousin!), Lauren... no prizes for guessing which option Joey took!

Relations between Joey and Lauren were restored by an intervention from Max, who realized that Joey loved his daughter enough to risk prison in order to cover up her mistakes. But Lauren’s increasing tendency to drink one too many and make a show of herself was too much for Joey to deal with... and he called time on their relationship. When Joey learnt from Lucy that Lauren has gone away to rehab, his world came crashing down… and when he learnt Lucy may have had a hand in it by allowing Lauren to think she and Joey were an item, Joey was furious – but didn’t mind too much when Lucy wanted to comfort him with a kiss! Ian soon stepped in and put an end to that though…

Relations between Joey and his father were even rockier still. Though always adamant he wanted nothing to do with his dad, that choice was snatched from Joey on Christmas Day, when Derek died of a heart attack right in front of him. Now too late to ever reconcile, Joey has to live with the guilt of watching his father die and doing nothing to help, as well as never letting him in.

With Lauren now back from rehab, it looked like there might have been a chance for the two of them again (or so she hoped) but that was quickly halted when she discovered that he had slept with her mate Whitney in her absence.

Life was pretty quiet for a while for Joey, but he noticed that his sister Alice had started to get closer and closer to local weirdo Michael, and Joey made no effort to hide how unhappy he was with that arrangement! And then Joey arrived home from a night out to find out Michael was dead and his baby sister had been charged with his murder! Adamant that Alice was not the guilty party in Michael's death, Joey wants answers from Janine... and seems to be prepared to anything to get them.

Despite getting Janine arrested for Michael's murder, it still wasn’t enough to get his sister out of prison. With nothing left for him in Walford, Joey decided to leave The Square for good, hoping to take Lauren with him. But unfortunately Joey left the same way he entered Walford - alone...

David Witts

  • After a brief stint of bar work, David has appeared in numerous theatre productions, including Wild Boys, The Wizard of Oz, and playing true to form as the Prince in a production of Snow White.
  • David works out at the gym five times a week with Britain’s No.1 body builder!
  • If David could play any other character in EastEnders he would take on the role of Fatboy, as he thinks he's hilarious.
  • At the National Television Awards 2013, David Witts bagged the Best Newcomer prize, stating, upon receiving the award: "Goodness me, I really didn't expect this. So I haven't prepared a speech, which is somewhat to my detriment. I'm just pleased to be here, I really am. To get this is unbelievable."