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Gerry Hogan

Architect featured in Building Dream Homes

I can see the outline of my movement towards architecture from an early age when I spent my time reading and drawing as well as building treehouses in the woods near my home in Paisley.

I had the unconditional support of my family throughout my education, culminating in a post graduate diploma from Strathclyde University, one of the most challenging and interesting architecture schools in the country.

I am a founding member of Collective Architecture, a 25 strong employee-owned practice based in Glasgow. Our structure encourages each architect to take control of and responsibility for their own projects, ensuring that our work remains vibrant and varied. I lead our conservation team and enjoy working collaboratively with colleagues, clients and other specialists. Allowing each architect the freedom to pursue their own interests has resulted in us developing a broad range of specialisms including housing, conservation, arts and culture, community lighting and infrastructure master plans.

Sitting on the boundary between the technical and aesthetic, I've always found architecture compelling. Our profession requires an active engagement in the world that brings an understanding of the social, cultural and political implications of our work - it can never be a pure or abstract discipline. I believe that finding the balance between individual authorship and collaboration, whether that be with clients, specialists or other architects is key to achieving a harmonious and successful project. This is exemplified when working on conservation projects through collaborating with craftsmen on site while developing an empathy with the original architect through studying and experiencing their work.

I enjoy music, cooking, socialising and wandering through cities, particularly Glasgow, a place full of contradictions and extremes but one that is ultimately tolerant and welcoming and a rich source of inspiration.