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Norrie Duncan

Kind, charismatic, and devoted to his family. Seemingly satisfied with the simple, idyllic life he has created in a tiny island community in Scotland, a place that he believes still values life.

Norrie represents a sanctuary from everything that Claire is trying to escape from her former life. Stability. Protection and peace. They have each saved each other from their own personal rock-bottoms. Or so Norrie believes.

The discovery of three bodies in Manchester leads Norrie to his own discovery that you can never truly know someone, and that the life he has built with Claire and daughter Megan isn't as pure as he had intended. But Norrie must learn where the line between protecting Claire and stifling her is, as he is confronted with the reality that it isn't possible to truly save someone, especially if you are unable to face up to your own past.

With his control slipping, will he manage to reconcile the darkness of their old lives with the utopia he has built? Was it ever a utopia at all?

Richard Rankin

Scottish born Richard Rankin has been steadily building a varied and exciting CV, and is best known to television audiences for his role in the critically acclaimed World War One drama The Crimson Field in which he played Captain Thomas Gillan.

He recently appeared in two episodes of the popular BBC One crime drama Silent Witness as Detective Inspector Luke Nelson, and in The Syndicate as estate manager Sean McGary. He has also featured in NBC's American Odyssey as Haney.

As Norrie in From Darkness, he represents the warmth and safety of the new life he and Claire have built in the Western Isles, and touchingly depicts a man desperate to hold onto his true love as she explores the past that he can never understand.